I love to cook especially with fresh, local ingredients.  Now that we have Craft Butchery at Saugatuck Center in Westport, I especially like to eat what I cook.  Ryan Fibiger, the owner, sources organic, pasture raised and grass fed animals from local sustainable farms.  He brings in the whole animal and every part, from nose to tail, is used.
Ryan and the two other butchers who work along side him can tell you where the animal has come from and will butcher exactly what you need and how you want it.  I love knowing the source of what I’m eating and feel good that I can trust what I am putting in my body.
Just recently, I walked in and asked Ryan for short ribs. He cut them right in front of my eyes, fresh as can be. I got an excellent product and an education. Back home, I slow roasted the ribs with wine, carrots, garlic, onion, tomato and added parsley at the end.

The smell and the taste were phenomenal.  I served the ribs on top of stone ground grits with white cheddar cheese with  a side of dandelion greens. My husband and I could not stop eating it, but I made sure I saved a serving for my friend, Juliet.

I’ve enjoyed eating lemon-rosemary roasted chicken made with their free range chickens, veal meatballs with their organic ground veal and even pizza with their sage sausage. I am getting hungry just thinking about the goodness of Craft Butchery’s products.
I better get busy making dinner, but first I’m on my way Craft Butchery to see what my butcher can suggest.

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