Doris Knows – Get Your Geek On, Westport Library

Ok, I know I’m always going on and on about how much I love our community; but it’s true! I can’t imagine living anywhere else. One of the places I love the most in Westport is the Westport Library. Besides being a quiet haven for our busy lives, the library tirelessly brings our community incredible programs from literature series, author visits, and fun children’s programs, to tech classes and even tabletop gaming sessions.

Their latest public awareness campaign was What do you geek? It’s goal was to bring our community together by sharing our passions (what we “geek”) with each other, and to highlight the important role the library plays in our community. My pooch Oskar & I were “Geeks of the Day” on July 31st, and August 1st, look for our portraits!

The campaign was a huge success with over 600 portraits taken by Pamela Einarsen of Pamela Einarsen Photography. She did an amazing job of capturing the love and joy everyone had for what they “geeked”. Thank you!!!

Way to go Westport Library . . . it’s a wrap!



So tell me, what’s your passion? What do you geek?

The Westport Library is a fantastic resource for our community. It’s not only for borrowing books and DVD’s. Located at 20 Jesup Road in Westport, (203) 291-4800.