Pinkki a delightful cookie made with rosewater syrup, orange and cranberry with beet pulp to make it pink is lovingly made by Andre Kreft, founder and baker at Savor Cookies.
It’s been deeply gratifying to receive the support of so many people for my project, “Cookies for a Cure”. Pinkki, a cookie developed by Andre Kreft of Savor Fine Foods, hit the road in October to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. For each bag sold, Andre, William Raveis and I make a $16 contribution to the WRRE Breast Cancer Research Fund.
We unveiled the program at the Westport Farmers Market in October and response to the cookie itself and to the donation program was very enthusiastic.
Encouraged by the response, we took Pinkki on the road in December. “Cookies For a Cure” was invited by Mitchells in Westport to take part in a special evening to benefit breast cancer. Customers experienced a delightful evening of shopping and in the process made a donation topinkaid (Mitchells program to support services for local women in need) and Cookies for a Cure.

Pinkki is so delicious that once people taste it, they jump at the chance to make a donation through their purchase. Men are some of the biggest supporters of Cookies for a Cure, including Bill Mitchell himself.

The evening at Mitchells resulted in 100 bags sold and raising $1600 for WRRE Breast Cancer Research Fund. Word of mouth spread the news of Pinkki and other merchants took in bags to sell in their shops. Cookies for a Cure are being sold by Soleil ToileEffi’s Salon and
 Lynne Ostilly Collections in Westport.
Andre and I are grateful for everyone’s support. If you want to join a baker and a realtor in the fight against breast cancer, buy a bag of Pinkki!

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