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     When is the best time to put my house on the market?
    As a rule of thumb, the “best” time to put your home on is in the Spring market which starts after the Super Bowl believe it or not. However, sometimes you have no choice due to a relocation or other factors. Even though you may not get the most traffic during November and January, what you will get are serious buyers. Think about it, everyone is in Holiday mode so only those buyers who really need to find a home are out looking.


    What should I do to get the house ready for sale?
    The single most important thing you can do is to de-clutter. You want the potential buyers to see themselves living in the space and having room to expand. The less personal items you have around (pictures, toys, clothes), the better. Also, freshen up. Look around and see if your trim needs to be touched up or a room needs a quick coat of paint. Look at the exterior of the house and trim any overgrown shrubs and make the entrance inviting.
    Should I update the kitchen or bathroom before I put the house on the market?
    My feeling is that you should renovate your home for yourself and enjoy the renovations while you are living in the space. You never know what the next buyer is going to want. You may love granite and the buyer can walk in and say “this is nice, but I really wanted marble”. Better to price the home appropriately and save the money for your next project!

    What I Bring to the Table When We Work Together

    • First and foremost, I will insure that you have the most up to date and accurate assessment of your property’s worth.
    • I am the “Guardian of your Equity”: I will work doggedly to protect your equity and persist until I get you the fair market price for your property.
    • I will represent your needs and meet your objectives and I will not rest until you feel I have achieved that.
    • I will always represent you enthusiastically, tirelessly, and professionally.
    • When you work with me, I am your partner in achieving your goals.