Doris Ghitelman has been helping people find their perfect home for over ten years. In that time, many have become friends and refer to her as “Realtor Extraordinaire”. They often “ASK Doris” for recommendations on the best places and best people to get things done.  Because of the friendship and trust Doris engenders, 80% of her business is referrals, which is a strong endorsement of her skills and service.


The foundation for her exceptional customer service started over 20 years ago when she and her husband Gil owned a professional camera shop in the Flatiron District in New York City. That experience established the marketing and selling skills she has built upon as a realtor.


Growing up in NYC, she was the only one in her family born in the US. The youngest of four and the only sister with three older brothers, taught her early on that calm persistence and resourcefulness was the way to get what she needed.  Those early lessons serve her well today when she negotiates for her clients with calm, balanced insight, and resourcefulness.


Doris loves what she does and her community.  She feels best when her clients are happy, not just with the house they purchase but with the whole community. She has been an early supporter of the Westport Farmers’ Market and is an avid believer in buying local from farmers, merchants, artisans and chefs.  As her client, you will have the inside information on the best local resources. Doris has also been a long time supporter of Fairfield County events benefiting breast cancer research and providing assistance to individuals undergoing treatment.


When you work with Doris you get a skilled realtor who will find you exactly what you need in the home you purchase but also in the all the ways that make this your community.  After all, that’s why they say, Ask Doris!






P1020085 Doris with Liam, one member and new owner of this gorgeous house in New Canaan, CT


I’m writing to rave about Doris’ professionalism. As my mother was moving up from North Carolina, Doris and I did the initial investigation of properties together through the completion of the final sale. It was such a pleasure to work with her. I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, positive and communicative realtor. She navigated the process in a brilliantly efficient and enjoyable way. Lynn New Canaan, CT 9/13


In all the years, with a variety of my moves and homes, Doris is beyond comparison. Her thorough knowledge of the property, her immediate communication skills, professionalism throughout the entire buying project, positive attitude and good humor made it all enjoyable. She was always available for any and all meetings we needed to have. We have felt all along that the project had such an excellent outcome because of Doris as Realtor and as a friend.

Doris is amazing! What a Professional Real Estate Realtor example! Alice New Canaan, CT 9/13




“We are thrilled to write this letter in praise of Doris Ghitelman. Last year as we prepared to move out of Manhattan, we worked with three real estate agents (one in Westchester, one in New Jersey) in search of the perfect home for our growing family. Without a doubt, Doris exceeded the others in every way_we truly felt like we won the lottery with her! Not only is she an absolute pleasure to spend time with, but she is an exceptional real estate professional. Doris is knowledgeable, honest and always had our best interests at heart. She took the time to learn what we needed in a home beyond number of rooms and square footage, and made us feel confident that she would guide us to the perfect home.

Doris was always available to us, even when we inundated her with questions and concerns. Doris always made us feel as we were her top priority. We were consistently impressed with the level of care and attention we received from Doris. We always felt confident knowing we had Doris representing us in all negotiations; her knowledge and savvy were always apparent.

Finally, Doris brought a personal touch we had not seen from other agents. We have two young children, which can add stress to a home search. Doris would always accomodate our girls. She always went above and beyond to make our entire experience easy and enjoyable. Our home buying process was a success and a pleasure, thanks to Doris Ghitelman.” Brian and Serene Compare

Fairfield, CT


“Doris was a pleasure to work with…after buying & selling homes in both North Carolina & New York City, we were a bit jaded to realtors. Doris, however, has renewed our faith in the process of purchsing homes. As clients, we are quite particular (Alexa is an architect)…and without question, we are beyound happy with our purchase. Specifically, Doris was always available to us. She always had the answers to our questions, was never pushy, listened to what we wanted, was completely thorough & negotiated brilliantly. It was such an easy purchase & move & we are grateful to have had her on our side.

Growing up in families attuned to customer service, we understand its value to both your customers & your business. We thought that you would like to know how completely satisfied we are with one of yours!” Alexa and Ward Horton

Fairfield, CT


“Other brokers with whom we have worked over the years could certainly use a few tips from Doris on the true meaning of customer service! Doris is without a doubt the best real estate broker we know. She is the complete package_professional, skilled, conscientious, hard-working, bright, with a wonderful personality. She is extemely knowledgeable about the area, has great business acumen, and is just plain fun to be with. She made what could have been a very difficult experience, into an enjoyable adventure that we will never forget.

We enthusiastically recommend Doris Ghitelman to anyone who may be in the process of buying or selling a home. She is truly a gem who stands head and shoulders above the rest!” Jan and Jim Spears

Southport, CT


“As an attorney and professional complainer, I recognize all too well that most people are quick to criticize and very slow to praise. So here is my up close, unvarnished opinion of Doris Ghitelman’s performance_she is ACES. She has single-handedly restored my faith in the intelligence, dedication, hard work, and knowledge of real estate professionals.

Despite spending almost two years seeking properties that met our admittedly restricted criteria (not too costly, not too small, not too large, etc. , etc) and losing one deal overnight because of an unscrupulous seller, Doris redoubled her efforts and within a matter of days found the perfect home for us. Mind you, one of the most amazing aspecst of Doris’ performance (and Doris’ performance had many amazing aspects) was the fact that the perfect house she found for us was nothing like anything we had insisted on searching for over the previous two years. How Doris knew what we really needed to satisfy our real estate lust I will never know, but she did.

So, I stand before you humbled by Doris Ghitelman’s knowledge, grace under pressure, market knowledge, perseverance and great legs.” Josh Schulman and Andrea Schreiber

Weston, CT


“In a field where many so-called “professionals” are certainly less than that, Doris was an ongoing source of sound information, advice and counsel. She helped us through a number of difficult negotiations, listened clearly to our needs and served as a valuable sounding board in working through, and presenting, offers.

We’ve already recommended Doris to friends who are considering looking in the area. And, while we’re planning to stay in our new home for a long while, she’ll be the the first agent we’ll call if we ever decide to put the house on the market” Margaret and Lee Feldman

Westport, CT


“Doris Ghitelman worked with us to sell our antique home in Southport, which we loved dearly, and which Doris also thought was a gem. However, it was not necessarly a gem in the eyes of the post-bubble finicky buyer, who was looking for large rooms and cared less about character! In this tough environment Doris never gave up and always made us feel that she would do everything possible. And in fact, she did. As a senior marketing executive, Gail understands good marketing when she sees it. Doris was creative and resourceful, and even got us in the NY Times real estate section as a cover story!

Besides being a great business person, Doris is also one of the nicest people we have ever met, and it made our experience in a difficult market much more bearable.” Gail Eisenkraft and Nino DeNicola

Southport, CT




“Doris Ghitelman worked closely with us for over 7 months. She helped us to identify our personal styles and she also strongly negotiated on our behalf during our four different offers…We sincerely appreciate all her efforts on our behalf, which included giving up many evening and weekends—even a few holidays—to help us. We will definitely recommend her services to friends and neighbors in the future!” Susan Sinclair and Ed Goodwin

Stamford, CT


“Without doubt, Doris is the best agent I have worked with over the past year. Doris listened and heard me in an uncommon way, and worked with me to find the right house. She made it clear by her planning and scheduling that my needs were the sole factors in her search process, and she never lost focus or patience as I tried to ‘refine’ my requirements. Ann Jarrell

Fairfield, CT


“We are so grateful for all your help and kindness over the past few months. I can’t thank you enough for all your input and creative ideas…We are so fortunate to have you as our realtor! Leslie and Derek Winston

Southport, CT


“In an aggressive business such as real estate, one hopes to find an agent who is not only trustworthy, knowledgeable and dependable, but one who is also quick acting and has only your best interest in mind. It is all of these characteristics which describe Doris Ghitelman. Doris made herself available at a moment’s notice, and was always one step ahead in providing the information needed when considering our options.

I look forward to dealing with Doris in the future as her constant professionalism and her warm personality have created both a positive working relationship, as well as, a friendship to be enjoyed throughout the years.” Edwin Brown, Partner

Castles & Cottages LLC

Fairfield, CT

“When I met with Doris Ghitelman, my house in Wilton had been on the market for a year with no success. She impressed me immediately with her energy, enthusiasm and her marketing strategy for my home. Long story short: Doris sold my house in 90 days at a price I was happy with and I had multiple offers.

Being on the west coast, I came to rely on Doris for countless decisions…that went beyond the call of duty. I regard myself as very fortunate to have had such a talented and hard working agent. If any of my west coast friends decide to relocate to Connecticut, I will insist that they contact Doris immediately. In doing so, I know that they will be thanking me for a very long time.” Robin Kelly DVM  Tahoe City, CA

“We started our search with a realtor we quickly came to be disappointed with. Then we met Doris and our feelings quickly changed. Doris was committed and more importantly, quick to respond to any and all of our needs. Doris never ‘gave up’ and she never attempted to convince us of something we didn’t want in a home or showed us homes exceeding our budget.

After signing the contract, Doris continued to work diligently. The home inspection uncovered some issues that needed to be rectified and again Doris worked on our behalf to resolve these issues. Doris is a fine example of how all realtors should conduct business and I would recommend her to any of my family members or friends.” Kimberly and Jon Genese


“I had my home on the market with another realtor, but it did not sell. I switched to Doris who offered a great marketing plan for the sale of my property. She was able to find the right buyer who offered full price. Since I reside in Sarasota, FL. I relied on Doris to follow up on all the details for the successful sale of the property. The sale of my property was a little more complicated in that it required a 1031 exchange. Doris was able to handle this successfully providing fine attention to detail and knowledgeable professionalism.” Donald Rilla

Sarasota, FL

“Doris handled the sale of our recently deceased Mother’s home with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Her advise in staging the home and her creativity in attracting brokers which lead to a very quick sale at the highest price achieved to date in the condominium complex.”

Juliet Balian and Marie Balian

Westport, CT


“Given that our house was next to Interstate 95, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to sell, but Doris was, from the beginning and throughout the experience, both realistic and optimistic. She never faltered.

Over the 13 months that it took to sell our house, Doris was truly a godsend. I literally cannot count the times I called Doris on her cell phone…many times on the way to work, early in the morning, or in the evening. She never complained or put us off. Doris made us feel as if we were the most important people in her day-always.

After the first year of trying to sell our house, many people advised us to look for another agent, but there was never any question that Doris remained the right agent for us. She priced the house just right, went all out advertising it in the Real Estate magazine and the newspaper and coached us on what to do. In the end, it was Doris who found the clients who loved our old house. This was no surprise, and we were happy that, after all her hard work, it worked out that way.

When it came to buying a new house, we wanted to look at every house that was remotely within our price range. Doris was always cheerful and open-minded about the tours. She took a genuine interest in what mattered to each member of my family. Doris puts caring and a personal touch into everything she does. She found the perfect house (for each of us) in a great new neighborhood. Through all the negotiations, Doris was an advocate and steady coach. She kept her focus on our needs and concerns, and we felt we were being cared for by a trusted friend.

Thanks to Doris Ghitelman’s hard work and extraordinary caring, the difficult task of selling and buying a new home for our family was a happy experience-far easier than what others have described.” Mary and Bob Ross

Fairfield, CT


“We can not thank you enough for all your help & patience in finding our new home. You made a very stressful time easy & enjoyable.” Ken and Tracy Beach

Stratford, CT



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