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  • At the helm of New England’s largest family owned real estate company sits the charismatic and affable President and CEO, Bill Raveis. Bill started the company in 1974 in Fairfield, Connecticut when he was 27 years old in a one-room office with a desk he bought for $50. Today, 32 years later, he reigns over 51 offices and 2000 agents in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. His open door policy and encouraging, supportive attitude lead to a one-on-one conversation covering many of the topics buyers and sellers want to know about.







    What differentiates and sets apart William Ravies Real Estate from the other real estate companies?

    We’re a family business and we embody family values. We appreciate the importance of buying and selling a home in an individual’s life and want that process to be smooth and seamless. More importantly, we want every buying or selling decision to be right for that individual so that when they need to do it again down the road they will instantly and without reservation think of calling William Raveis Real Estate.

    What does William Raveis offer customers that you are most proud of?

    Although we are a family owned company, we are not a mom and pop company. I am most proud that William Raveis Real Estate is a world- class company.We sustain all the infrastructure to facilitate buying and selling a home from top quality agents to a mortgage company.

    Our working systems, especially our website is world class and serves the needs of people whether they are in New York or in London. It provides not only comprehensive information about houses on the market with high quality photography and video tours that are almost as good as walking through the property, but also unique features like “Neighborhood Mapping”. This allows you to get intimate with the happenings in the neighborhood such as what other houses are for sale in the vicinity, which houses have sold in the past year, where the schools are, where daycare centers are and much, much more. All this is shown graphically on a map so that you can see where these places are relative to the house in question.

    If you’re thinking of selling your home, you can request a 24 hour CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) without leaving your home or even picking up the phone. In 24 hours you will have a comprehensive analysis of your home’s worth in today’s market.

    What makes William Raveis Real Estate successful in this highly competitive market?

    At William Raveis we understand that we are only as good as the agents working with us. They are our most powerful business partners and we are here to help them become whatever they want to become. We sit with each agent and map out how they will get to their goal. We show them the tools and ask them to do the hard work of positioning themselves according to their own unique strengths, offerings and goals. Our agents are not interchangeable with one another. Each is unique with a personal business style. We honor and help that style flourish. We are here to build entrepreneurs.


    What makes a great agent?

    It’s a given that a great agent has to honest, have integrity and be smart. That’s a start, but it’s not enough. Agents that partner with us need to have great insights into people and have to like to be with and to help people. We want them to have the ability to understand their clients and to get them what they want. It’s the ability to get their client to the place they want to be in that is most important in being a great William Raveis agent.

    That sounds like you’re describing Doris. What would you say about Doris’ traits as an agent?

    Doris has all these traits and more. Her enthusiasm is wonderful, she is always up, helpful and highly creative. She is a superstar.

    What trends do you see in the real estate market in Connecticut and Fairfield County specifically?

    I see continued and steady appreciation in areas such as Fairfield County where land is scarce. Being within commuting distance to New York City makes this area a world class market. In comparison to other world class markets, real estate values in this area, at approximately $600, a square foot are undervalued.